Fashion & Beauty

From Sylvain’s experience starting a career as a nature and landscape photographer, has always been an added plus for a location shoot, or in-studio using visionary finesse by combining intriguing lighting with cutting edge post-processing techniques. Also, as equally important, you also need creative and determined art-partners, make-up artists and hair stylists that are innovative and also passionate about what they do. This, combined with directing the model to create magic, is all part of the essence of fashion photography. Creating new concepts and trying new things is something Sylvain always enjoys.


Sylvain Denis is a photographer and curator born and raised in Montreal, Canada.  Sylvain’s camera of choice for his fine art photography is a medium format film camera, known for their larger size negatives that are transferred into digital files through the process of Drum scanning, which give the highest image resolution possible, each 2.3 gigabyte images are then printed on to metallic paper compressed between polished plexi-glass for their superior gallery quality glossy and finished look. 

All prints can be shipped insured in custom wooden crates worldwide. Every Image from the collection is of limited edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed with their individual serial number. All images can be printed to size: 60x75 inches, 38x48 inches, 30x38 inches and 16x20 inches. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Sylvain's work has been published in numerous magazines.

Links to download pdf of American Southwest collection of southwest-images and southwest-prices

His fine art collection can be seen in his studio in Fort Lauderdale where Sylvain also works as a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait, fashion, athlete, promotional and commercial work.


From experience, Sylvain knows that most people do not like to be photographed. Whether you need a simple headshot, corporate portrait or family portrait, in studio or on location, Sylvain can help you make this an enjoyable and painless experience. Choosing a concept is always fun to create a family portrait or single images that tell a story.

Location photography is hard to do well. You must be knowledgeable and experienced with multiple lighting situations. Every location has its own inherent challenge when it comes to ambient indoor lights mixed with studio lights demanding expert skills to know where to place the lights and just how much light to add.

In this digital age anyone can take a picture but not everyone can create an image. Sylvain’s photos are powerful and a great selling tool. From web social media to printing up to billboard size, his photographs establish a promotional foundation for advertising your look for your business creating images needed for success.

Sylvain also studied Advanced Photoshop Techniques at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. So many images on the web, taken by inexperienced photographers, look flat. Sylvain’s unique skills encompass simple retouching that looks natural to total image manipulation or photomontage.

Promotional & Commercial

I see it time and time again, on the Internet or in ads, great products with terrible photos. It’s hard to look at sometimes and you don’t need to be a product photographer to know when an image doesn’t represent a product well. Showcasing your products with high-quality images can make the winning difference.

Whether you need a photo of your chef in your kitchen's restaurant or you in your place of business or maybe a product you want to adveretise, Sylvain has the knowledge, experience and know-how to make you or/and your product stand out.

Sylvain’s photos are powerful and a great selling tool. From web images to printing up to billboard size, his photographs establish a promotional foundation for advertising you personally, your product or your business.  He serves the industry by creating images needed for success. It is Sylvain’s belief that your business deserves great images.

Sylvain studied studio lighting at the International Center of Photography in New York City. He has expertise photographing in any lighting situation, natural light, studio strobe, flash lighting mixed with natural, artificial and/or color lights.

Sylvain has also studied Advanced Photoshop Techniques at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He can create any type of photo manipulation, from retouching skin that look's natural with texture to a total image manipulation or photomontage.  As a freelance photographer Sylvain's dedication and passion for photography can create your vision no matter how challenging, if you can think it, he can achieve it and exceed your expectations.

Wedding – Event

Through style and approach, Sylvain artistically documents the essence of the event. His photographs are sensitive and spontaneous - often with a lighthearted edge - and go beyond common, staged portraits and simplistic "look here and smile" imagery. Anticipating and following the action rather than leading it, Sylvain prefers to observe the event day rather then direct it, his style can vary from candid and spontaneous to photojournalism.  For formal photography, many of Sylvain’s clients book him because of his low-key approach, they can get on with having their day with out worrying about formal photography. There are occasions when clients do want formal and family pictures, and Sylvain is more then happy to accommodate their requests.


Sylvain provides award-winning photography with an eye for design and beauty. His clients include architects, builders, interior designers and realtors; Sylvain knows the difference between an image for an architect or a realtor.  Always looking at the finest detail in every image he creates, Sylvain uses photo manipulation without making the image look fake or over processed with exaggerated colors or using third-party software to render the image automatically. Every photo manipulation is done by hand. This involves much more time in postproduction but the results are much more appealing and much more natural looking.  Sylvain knows how to add the right amount of texture to an image, giving the image the best color balance, keeping the white looking white, and always keeping vertical lines parallel, never any curvature at the edge of the images from inexpensive lenses often used with amateur equipment.

Female Athlete

Sylvain has photographed athletes throughout the U.S. and Europe, at times shooting up to seven athletes combined with a three-outfit change all on different locations. This demands fast-paced shooting and being fast on composition. Sylvain always delivers stunning images using the first rays of light at sunrise till the last rays of light at sunset. Nothing stops Sylvain from getting the best images possible.

Male Athlete

Lighting is always the foundation of any great image. This, combined with the experience as a nature photographer, is a powerful combination that enables Sylvain to create stunning compositions. Sylvain’s experience with location photography adding his knowledge of lighting or creating his own lighting style in his studio, is his promise to keep all clients pleasantly surprised with the end results.


In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, tucked away in the artistic community, sits a 2700 square foot New York style studio with fun and friendly appeal.  Pleasant surroundings in a quiet, friendly “city inside the city” make this studio the perfect location for local Fort Lauderdale shoots, whether it is still photography or motion work. The studio features a lounge area, two makeup stations, a 12-foot ceiling with two indoor shooting locations, 12 color paper backdrops to choose from, studio lighting from a pentagram railing system and one outdoor sunny terrace with 20-foot white walls using the south and west sunlight.

Studio is available for rental.
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